Winds Of Dovrefjell

Mountain, Nature, Weather, Wind

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About “Winds Of Dovrefjell”:

Many years of trekking in the Dovre mountains (Dovrefjell) at heights from 900 to 1200 masl. and temperatures reaching down to -20°C, has led to many unique recordings. My main goal when on Dovrefjell was to capture the “sound” of the harsh climate that dominates up there. Subsequently it was hard to avoid the ever restless wind. But it can be quite tricky to capture the sound of wind (or rather the sound of wind on or through objects) and there are only some “sweet spots”, in this vast high altitude climate scattered with rocks and tiny trees, that will generate a good recording. These recordings were done crouching behind rocks, on cliff sides, on top of summits, behind weathered shelters, old mountain farms and bushes. Partially freezing my hands of, operating recording equipment.

The recordings vary from strong gale winds, via resonating
crevasses, to soft fluttering winds.

Just a curiosity or maybe the perfect sound for your project?
I have also included one of my favourite recordings done up there: Under some power lines that cross an area of slanting slope I noticed that the wind was causing some strange sounds. I set up my equipment under one of the masts and waited. What unfolded was a magic performance between nature and a man made structure. I have included a recording were you can hear the wind first whistling and blowing, then slowly dying. Emerging from the dying wind the sound of wires and masts resonating and chanting like an enormous string instrument. 🙂

Track: “Wind, Resonating Power Lines.wav”
Robin Barstow © 2016


Total size: 2.13 GB
Total time: 1 hour 11 minutes
Techniques: Stereo ORTF and AB
Resolutions: 24Bit – 96kHz and 48kHz
Equipment used: Sennheiser MKH8040ST, Audio Technica AT4051BST, RME UC(preamp), Sony PCM D50(recorder).